Computers at Medford Pawn and Jewelry

A quick, easy, and hassle-free service!

Pawn loans are a quick, easy, and hassle-free way to borrow money without dealing with a bank or doing a credit check. When you pawn an item you are taking a loan out against it for us to hold as collateral. In most cases we can loan 1/3rd of the assumed value of the item. Loans are based on the assessed resale (not retail) value of your collateral. Pawn loans have a term length of 60 days plus a 30 day grace period on new loans (“new” meaning the loan has not yet been extended/renewed). During the grace period the interest due increases at the same rate as the initial 60 day period. If you cannot pay back your loan in full, including any applicable grace period, we offer extensions/renewals allowing another 60 days.

In many cases we are willing to buy your item outright. It is on a case by case basis depending on how many of those particular items we currently have in stock. The benefit of doing a purchase is we pay more for your item than what we would loan on it.

We can order just about every brand of long gun and handgun. In addition, we handle your FFL transfers for online/phone purchases from anywhere in the country for $30 ($20 transfer fee and the $10 state background check plus applicable shipping).

If you call us - Unfortunately, we are unable to assess the value of your item over the phone as we have to see it in person to place a value on it. However, in some cases we can tell you over the phone if your particular item is something we might loan on.

For more information about our services please feel free to contact us.