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Straight Forward And Fair

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I was apprehensive about going to a pawn store as I had never used one to sell merchandise. The employees at this store are honest, fair minded and straight forward. They paid very fair prices for my items without attempts to low ball. I recommend them highly!
Jason Baker - Mount Shasta, California - November 13, 2020

My Favorite Place In Town

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If you're in Southern Oregon and need a FFL transfer, this is the place to go. They also have a great inventory to choose from. Noel, Alan & Megan will take care of you!
Patrick Browning - Medford, Oregon - September 09, 2017

Happy Customer

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I like shopping here they have a lot of nice items here that are good quality and they treat their customers with respect and are very patient with you with questions you might have. This is by far the best pawn shop in the Rogue Valley because they always have something you might be interested in and if you can't afford the full amount they will work with you, if I could give 10 stars I would!
Brett Adams - Medford, Oregon - August 30, 2017

Best Service In Medford

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I have shopped both dicks the worst and sportsman whse Ok but I can't belive the service I got at this pawn shop I have never purchased at a pawn shop TO bad I received the best service in Medford pawn this young guy explained and answered all my questions after going back 3 times to ask more questions. I did purchase and he showed me how to take gun apart and how to clean it. I could kick myself for not remembering his name.
Dennis Fraser - Medford, Oregon - March 14, 2017

Customer Review

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They're super friendly and nice :) The best pawn shop around. Won't go anywhere else.
Kelsea Miles - Medford, Oregon - March 24, 2016
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